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      Chloe L.
      South Australia South Australia
      8 Dec 2011
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      As you've walked around the streets of Adelaide in the past year or so, you might have noticed there are a new rash of murals and paste-ups appearing. While street art has been happening for a while in Adelaide, the city council has now jumped on board - displaying an unusual level of understanding and support. And so they should - street art is one of those rare phenomenons that manages to get people interested in art instead of feeling bored/threatened.

      Courtesy of Adelaide CIty Council, Topham Mall now has a designated area in which anyone can add to, without asking permission. There is something a little less exciting about legal street art - I love the way the illegal stuff works with the pre-existing built environment and the creativity that comes out of avoiding arrest and but also trying to make attention-grabbing works. Climbing to extremely dangerous heights, wandering around in abandoned buildings etc. But Topham Mall is good - the walls are literally dripping with paint.

      Although I love to see the work of the local street artists I already know, it is also good to see stuff appearing that has been done by nobody I'm familiar with. Although I appreciate the extremely detailed figurative pieces, I've been following this style for a while, so I feel a little more excited now seeing the typographical-tagging kind of stuff appearing. Watching the layers of paint build and build into strange abstract patterns on the crumbling brick is a nice bit of unintentional magic. The great thing about this kind of work is it is constantly regenerating - there is something new to look at nearly every time you walk past. It's right in a thoroughfare between Currie and Waymouth St too - so all different kinds of people will see it, not just art nerds.

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